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On Fantasy and Erotica:

There is something safe and comforting in the pages of erotic literature. Perhaps what makes a fantasy is that it stays just that: a fantasy. Something we act out in our minds, in private, a secret sort of pleasure. To act on that desire would be to erase the fantasy; the dream becomes real and so do all the complications of reality. Perhaps sometimes, fantasies are kept just as they are: In the mind.

You fantasize about being tied up and dominated, though were it to come to that in real life, perhaps you would be afraid or ashamed. In the pages of a book you can live it, vicariously, and pay no emotional price.

You secretly think about being with more than one partner at a time, or perhaps watching your partner be with other people. Maybe you want her to strap it on and give you a ride like you’ve never known before.

Maybe, maybe, maybe?

For many the line is crossed from fantasy into reality. And sometimes it works out, other times it does not. And then again, some fantasies are so wild and taboo(bigfoot, rape, incest, monsters), that they are much better left in the mind and in the pages of some dark book.

There is a safety in fantasy, a lifeline to normality. Perhaps in the end, some things are better off kept inside the mind…or the pages of a book.

Dany’s Desire Pt. 1: Wet with the Rowing Team

It was them. Eight in all. Half of them were in the water swimming, their wet, short hair matted to their heads and dreamy smiles on them all. Speechless, I gazed up to the rock where the others were, each of them totally nude.
“Are we in heaven?” Lily whispered.
Just then, one of the men on the rock flew through the air yelling, his naked teammates cheering him on. He let go of the rope and went into a backflip, straight down into a perfect dive. His ass faced us on his way down, shaped and hard.
When he came to the surface again his friends high-fived him, grabbing and tossing him around in the water. Soon another splashed down, and then more until all eight of them were in the water together, laughing and pushing each other. Their abs and chests were all lined and wet, their arms molded from unknown miles of rowing.
The three of just stood there stunned and silent, a mere 20 yards from where they swam naked. It was like something I would fantasize about at summer camp when I first discovered boys, and now it was here in the flesh.
So much flesh.

Available in its entirety here:

Dany’s Desire tells the tale of 3 girls on vacation in Maine, and the college rowing team that they encounter; 8 strong, naked men who long to please them. The first of two parts!


My amazon author page is now live and can be found here:

It contains my first two erotica stories, and there are more to come I promise!

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Dany’s Desire Pt. 1: Wet with the Rowing Team available NOW! Also Seduction Island Secret Book 2 Update

Hello ye ravishing morsels,

The time has come! Dany’s Desire Pt. 1- Wet with the Rowing Team is now available, and can be found here:

It tells the tale of Dany and her two friends as they vacation in Maine for the summer; specifically their time spent at a rope swing that overlooks the river. It’s down this very river that the Rowing team comes flying one day, and, well, you can find out the rest for yourself. Lets just say an 8 man rowing team vs 3 girls= plenty to go around.

Only a mere 99 cents, and you can find it here:

For those of you who do not know, this story was inspired by a certain men’s Rowing team that posed nude for a calendar this year. You can read the article here:

This is only part one so I assure you there is more to come both in Dany’s story, as well as a companion short; lest we forget about the woman’s Rowing team 😉


You can still find the first part of the Seduction Island Secrets tale here:

Book 2 is expected to be released in September, and I can assure you that the writing has been going well; the second volume is sure to be longer and even more depraved than the last. I’ll give you a hint; the first chapter includes a long awaited pairing of certain characters that didn’t quite happen in the first book.

Look for a preview soon!

Until next time my sweetlings,


Dany’s Desire Pt. 1 Wet with the Rowing Team available tomorrow!

My new short has reached completion, and will be available via Amazon tomorrow! It’s a story inspired by the nude calendars of the men’s rowing team at Warwick.

Dany’s Desire Pt. 1 Wet with the Rowing Team

The tale of Dany and her two friends on vacation in Maine. On a sunny day spent at the river they encounter a Crew team of eight men headed right for them.

Needless to say, things heat up pretty quickly.

Only $0.99 so look for it!

In other news Seduction Island Secrets: The Lust Tribe continues to do well, and the reviews have been positive. This is the first book in a series, so please join the adventure now! It’s a book filled with all types of steamy sex, sure to please and pleasure 🙂

I will announce when the new short story goes live! Until then, as always my beauties, stay hot and ready.

– K

International Beer Drinking Day and The World of Exapatao(Seduction Island Secrets)

It’s International Beer Drinking Day! Grab a cold one and be sure to tip your bartender. I bar-tend, so I can promise you that extending a little gratitude their way will not go unnoticed!

 Moving forth:

I have been getting questions pertaining to the fantasy world that Seduction Island Secrets takes place in. Only one book(The Lust Tribe) in the trilogy has been released so far, but the people who have read it seem to realize there is something bigger at work.

Allow me to explain, a little.
The first book takes place on a fictional island here in our world. Janey and her friends meet the tribe on this island, and things very quickly get out of hand. Pretty soon relationships are ruined, new loves begin to take hold, and the struggle to separate lust from seduction proves a difficult one. I don’t want to spoil anything, but those of you who have read it realize the second book will not be taking place on this island.


This takes us to….

The World of Exapatao

The second book will deal with the journey to and the arrival at a new world. The tribe of super-human sex Gods from the first book, rule this world. Obviously this has large implications as to how massive the story is, and if three novellas just isn’t enough time to cover all that needs to be said.

I will only say this: This trilogy is the tale of a human(Janey) who must come to grips with her desires, and what her heart tells her. It is merely a broad introduction to the world and universe of The Exapatao.

So read on, dears. Read on and see if you can #learnthesecret.

Until next time, which may be sooner than you think…




Rowing Team New Short Coming Soon, Reviews Rolling In for Seduction Island Secrets

I overslept this morning and woke with a headache. Apparently there was more tequila in the drinks last night than I gave them credit for. A smoothie and Tylenol knocked the hangover out though, so lets move on.

The finishing touches are being put on a short story I recently completed. It was inspired from a news story I read recently about a calendar shoot for the Warwick Rowing Team; they posed completely nude to raise money for an anti-homophobia charity.

Apparently this stirred up some controversy, not to mention certain ladies'(looking at you) panties. Some of the comments on the facebook article were downright hysterical, causing  me to wonder: How badly do these women actually desire this team of young athletes, and would they go through with it given the chance?


Dany’s Desire Pt. 1: Wet with the Rowing Team is due out some time next week. Look for it!

Upon further investigation I found the female team did likewise, so look for a tale on that subject soon.


Seduction Island Secrets has been doing well in its first week, and first reactions have begun to leak. You can read full reviews by clicking the link:

“I borrowed this book from the Kindle Unlimited program and I had no idea the kind of treat that I was going to be in for.”

“The sex is hot, adventurous and erotic and the tribe is downright captivating; it’s an interesting and vital mix of fantasy, romance and drama”

“Each chapter was told from the point of view of a different character helping the reader to get to know (and care) about why someone was doing what with who…Overall it was a fun read that I would recommend to anyone who likes to read QUALITY erotica.”

But don’t let other people make up your mind for you, yah turkey! Find out for yourself and #learnthesecret today!

More to come, at least we all hope.


Seduction Island Secrets Book I is live today on Amazon

Today marks the first day of release for the new ‘Seduction Island Secrets’ series.

“Seduction Island Secrets: Book I: The Lust Tribe

On the Island of Exapatao, nothing is as it seems.

Janey and her boyfriend Frank have come to the island with two other couples looking for relaxation and comfort. What they find is betrayal, desire, and passion.

Fed up with Frank, Janey longs for the touch of another; namely Nicholas, the sexy Italian who in addition to being Frank’s good friend, also happens to have his girlfriend with him on the trip. On a hike to the north part of the island the couples run into the native tribe; a group of super-beings driven by sex and pleasure. As if things weren’t already confusing enough for Janey, now she is surrounded by half-naked Gods and Goddesses that want to satisfy her every desire.

Who will she choose? What will she choose?”

You can purchase the novella here:

Free shorts coming soon!


The Lust Tribe, Writing, and nature of Fantasy

Hello, and welcome.

“Nicholas didn’t stop; he slowed on her clit for a moment so she could catch her breath, and inserted two of his long, thick fingers into her pussy. He slowly started finger fucking her as he licked her. She tried to breathe deeply but couldn’t quite do it, the world around her still dark around the edges from cumming so hard. He moved his tongue and fingers together expertly and still his arm held her strong to the railing.” – Seduction Island Secrets, Book I: The Lust Tribe

Tomorrow my first erotic ebook will be available via Amazon for Kindle and other devices. This isn’t so much an advertisement as it is an FYI. As your friend and co-conspirator, I, Kasper H. Rawlson seek only to aid you in your lusty endeavors. If you enjoy a good romp between you and your kindle about a good romp between the sheets, then this book is for you.

It details the adventures of young Janey as she travels to an exotic island with her socialite boyfriend Frank and two other young couples. Unsatisfied with Frank in the bedroom she starts to fall for Nicholas, the strapping young lad who happens to have a girlfriend. As they all try to sort out their urges and lust, they run into a tribe of natives on the island who happen to possess super-human skills in the art of love making.

It’s messy, it’s dirty, it’s sexy.

I’m dealing with betrayal through sex, voyeurism, group sex, and interracial love among other things.

At the heart of it all is a story about the allure of the unknown, and what happens to those urges we all feel when left unchecked.

Those fantasies, when left unchecked.

Fantasy in nature is something that doesn’t exist in the real world; which is why it is a fantasy. Erotica is an outlet for these ideas and urges, it allows us to attain that unattainable experience. It’s a vicarious thrill that can be acted upon without harm or repercussion. Hence, fantasy.

The Lust Tribe of this book allows you, the reader, the chance to dive into those dark desires and sort them out. Think of it as a way to satiate those lustful urges that creep between your legs.