Why Female Leads Aren’t Just Good For Erotica

In every story I’ve written so far, everything revolves around the heroine. A confident, sure-footed female who may not always know exactly what she wants, but is strong enough to figure it out and GO FOR IT.

Often in Erotic Literature the story in some way revolves around a female lead, many times the story coming specifically from her point of view. While any given story may find our leading lady in all manner of situation(group-sex, submission, dominance, paranormal vampires and the like!) any GOOD story makes it clear than on some level, SHE is in control.

I can’t stress this enough; the woman is in control.

In the last several years we’ve certainly seen an influx of strong female characters on television. Take Game of Thrones for instance, or The Walking Dead. There is no shortage of woman who kick ass and know what they want. These are the types of characters we want to see more of because lets face it, woman are awesome.

And not just awesome in those obvious ways(like allowing our species to continue), awesome in a way that men just can’t be; for better or worse, woman are underestimated every single day and that’s why when they triumphant, when they kick collective ass and prove everybody wrong, the taste of victory is sweeter. And it’s a constant reminder as to just how foolish it is to underestimate or discount them.

I’ve just finished the second book in my Seduction Island Secrets series. It revolves around two very strong women; Janey, the protagonist, and Elizabeth the antagonist. Janey is sweet and young but not naive, and she realizes her full potential as she encounters new experiences. Then there is Elizabeth; strong willed and aggressive, willing to take what she wants when she wants it, and she’ll be damned if anyone is going to stop her.

These female characters push my writing, and they push the story. It’s their confidence in their femininity and womanhood that drives their choices and the fates of those around them. I can’t think of anything more exciting to root a story in.

If you would like to read book 1 in the series, it can be found here http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00M1BJDRM

 Seduction Island Lust Tribe E-cover fix(1)

The point is, we NEED MORE FEMALE LEADS. And not just in erotica where it is most prevalent. We need the movies, the TV shows, the novels of all genre and idiom. Powerful women make powerful and moving art. And moving art is what moves culture and society forward.



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