Seduction Island Secrets Book 2 Complete/ Excerpt

Hello again,

At last, book two of my Seduction Island Secrets Trilogy is completed. It will be available next week and I can’t wait to share it with you all! I am already at work on the final book of the series, and while I hate to say goodbye I am looking forward to working on new and different material.Please take the time to read the excerpt from Seduction Island Secrets: Gods of Sex below.


Something amazing had happened inside of her. She had searched deep and long within, and came to know her true potential. She had a gift. And with it she could wield power to rival anyone.
Even him.
They lay about her cabin, most of them yawning or sleeping. Long, naked bodies of different colors were strewn about, still sweaty from the last round of fucking. The women closed their eyes sweetly; the sunlight spilling through the windows above revealed the soft curves of their body, an ocean of soft and supple breasts swaying occasionally with the ship.
Many of the men slept while erect, dripping as they made love in dreams. When they awoke Elizabeth would be there waiting for them.
She had channeled her lust into power, and now sought to use it with one goal in mind: to ruin him.
Many of them hadn’t left her cabin in days; she had convinced them to ask her permission to exit, and she only granted it to them if she felt especially giving. As long as she loved them all with her body and gave them all they needed, the Exapataó were controlled as easily as a mouse on a computer screen.
The first day the ship set out for the Homeland, Elizabeth found the weakest and fucked them till they could take no more.
Of course “weak” didn’t mean physically weak. There wasn’t a member of the tribe that wasn’t strong as an ox and built like an Olympic athlete. She found those weakest to their desire and lust and pulled them in with an absolute commitment to fucking them into submission. She started with a few men, but quickly started pulling the woman in as well. All day she would fuck and be fucked, and at night she would do some more.
After a few days aboard the ship her cabin had become too small for all of them, and a higher Officer of the tribe accommodated for them in his suite. It was then she made the rule about leaving, and informed Baeoren that his cabin, was now her cabin.
“As you wish, Elizabeth.” He had all but screamed it, as she squeezed his cock too tight for him to release, and then let it cover her after he had acquiesced.
They were hers now. Only a few so far, but it was a good start. She grew stronger all the time. She could fuck for days now, out lasting any of the Exapataó.
And in their weakest moments, as they drifted off to sleep, she would plant ideas in their heads.
“Is it true he plans to make her Queen?” Elizabeth asked nonchalantly.
“It is.” Baeoren said. She was laying in his long, dark arms, softly holding his hand and sucking on one finger at a time.
“Is that strange to you at all?”
“Strange how?” His long brown cock shifted underneath her, as she ran her tongue across his pointer finger.
“Strange that he picked a girl he had only seen once? Strange that he didn’t pick one of his own, beautiful Exapataón to be his queen.” Elizabeth looked across the long bed to where Felina lay as she said it, and the gorgeous brunette girl with skin like caramel stared back at her, listening.
The more she asked the question, the more it settled down into their brains. She never pushed it too much, only hinting at it here and there. After a month on the ship the natives had started discussing it amongst themselves, to the point where Elizabeth didn’t even need to bring it up.
And still they stayed in her cabin, under her spell.
She spent her days naked, sipping wine and teasing them. When she grew bored with those in the cabin she would send them off to find more for her. Slowly the number began to increase, and the cabin filled with men and woman of the tribe; all desperate for the affection of the human girl they called Elizabeth.
One day soon she would make the “Captain” regret his decision.
Dex had chosen Janey, and he had used Elizabeth to do it. The day they set sail she got the news that Janey, not Elizabeth, would be sharing the Captain’s cabin.
He sent an underling to tell her, and Elizabeth hadn’t seen Dex since they’d set sail.
Dex had fucked her only as a reward for drugging Janey and Rosa, causing them to seek out the tribe. All so he could take Janey back to their homeland, and make her queen.
Or so they think. Elizabeth had plans of her own, and she planned to use whatever means necessary to follow through on them.
At night the ship grew louder as the moans of all the passengers drifted through the hallways, and bodies bumped walls and shook ceilings. The cacophony of sex all around her always gave Elizabeth her second wind, and tonight she was going to need it.
She counted fifteen in all now, a close split of men and women. They were waking, looking around for her. Tonight she needed them all to cum, for tomorrow they landed at last in the Homeland. If she planned to keep them all under the same roof, she would need tonight to give them reason. She would need tonight to control them.
From the roof of the cabin hung long, leather straps; four of them in all. Dokon got up and came to her; tall and dark, eyes that shimmered green and gold. He was the only one among them that new what they were in store for.

Above is from the second chapter of the book, and trust me when I tell you that it is just the tip of the iceberg. If you would like to catch up on the series with the first book, you can find it here as well as my other shorts on my author page here:

Until next time, my lovelies.



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