New Short Collection Out Later Today/ Seduction Island Secrets Book 2 UPDATE

Hello my lovely’s.  Tis’ been a while. Let us get right to it.


Later this afternoon, available exclusively on Amazon, is my new short erotica collection: First Time for Everything. It is the first in a new anthology that follows one character, Sonia, through different sexual fetishes in her life as she experiences them for the first time. The first book will tackle girl on girl, and Sonia’s first anal experience. I look forward to exploring as many different fetishes as possible through this new series!

Cover preview:



It has taken me longer than expected to complete book 2, but I am finally nearing the end. This one is a bit longer than the first, it’s also a bit darker.

It also has quite a bit more sex in it!

I’m hoping to have this completed and up for your reading pleasure by next week. Look for a sample later this week!

Until next time my pretty’s.



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