Seduction Island Secrets Book 2 Title Reveal and New Short Collection in the Works

My lovelies!

It has been a while, so lets get down to it, shall we?

Book 2

Seduction Island Secrets Book 2 is near completion, and will be getting sent of to an editor in the coming days. I am excited to share its title with you now. The first book in the series was The Lust Tribe, and can be found here:

The title for book two is:

Seduction Island Secrets: Gods of Sex

We will continue with Janey on her adventure, and discover some new and exciting things along the way. I look forward to sharing it with you soon!

New Short

Dany’s Desire, found here: has done extraordinary well considering its short length. Some people prefer a faster paced story that’s hot and steamy, while still maintaining character integrity.

Another is now on the way!
I am working on a new series of shorts entitled “First Time for Everything.” It will document one girl’s expierences through different first time sexual encounters. The first book in the series will have two shorts, one based on her first anal experience, and the other based on her first time with another girl.

Look for the new books soon, and until then feel free the check out my author page over at amazon!

Bite the pillow now, sleep tight later 😉

– K