Seduction Island Secrets: The Lust Tribe FREE SAMPLE

Below is a preview of what awaits you in Seduction Island Secrets: The Lust Tribe. The first of 3 books.

As they ran their hands across her body she took turns with them. She held each of their cocks and stroked them at the same time. Frank’s fingers started probing her pussy while he squeezed her ass.
Zane took her and laid her on her back on the wet rock. He moved down so he was between her legs and started to lick and nibble all around her pink pussy. Frank was next to her, sucking her little tits and pinching her nipples. She moaned.
“Oh yeah, baby. Eat that pussy,” she said, putting her hands on Zane’s head and thrusting into his mouth. She felt his tongue lick from the bottom of her ass crack all the way across her pussy. When he got to her clit he started pushing his tongue against it hard, making her shudder.
She grabbed Frank and started kissing him while he ran his rough hands across her body. She moaned into his mouth as Zane slipped two fingers in her cunt and started fucking her with them while he sucked her clit.
“Give me your cock, Frank.”
He knelt next to her so his long white cock was in her face. She grabbed hold of it and started sucking; she easily deep throated it to the point of her lips being pushed against his body. He moaned and felt her up as she sucked him off.
She could feel the heat of the rising sun against her body as Zane ate her out, and could taste the salt of the ocean as she licked and sucked Frank’s nuts. Zane ran his long arms up her sides and squeezed her tits while he tongue-fucked her wet cunt. She came hard and suddenly, squeezing her legs into the sides of Zane’s head, and holding him there while she moaned hard into Frank’s cock.
Elizabeth got to her knees on the slick rock as Zane stood above her. They were on either side of her now, their hard cocks in her face. Frank wasn’t small by any means, but Zane’s thick cock dwarfed his, and Elizabeth greedily took Zane into her mouth. She had to open extra wide to get it in, and could feel the massive veins of it pushing into her tongue and cheeks.

The entire story can be found here:

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