The Allure of Erotic Fiction/Dany’s Desire Pt.1/Author Page

On Fantasy and Erotica:

There is something safe and comforting in the pages of erotic literature. Perhaps what makes a fantasy is that it stays just that: a fantasy. Something we act out in our minds, in private, a secret sort of pleasure. To act on that desire would be to erase the fantasy; the dream becomes real and so do all the complications of reality. Perhaps sometimes, fantasies are kept just as they are: In the mind.

You fantasize about being tied up and dominated, though were it to come to that in real life, perhaps you would be afraid or ashamed. In the pages of a book you can live it, vicariously, and pay no emotional price.

You secretly think about being with more than one partner at a time, or perhaps watching your partner be with other people. Maybe you want her to strap it on and give you a ride like you’ve never known before.

Maybe, maybe, maybe?

For many the line is crossed from fantasy into reality. And sometimes it works out, other times it does not. And then again, some fantasies are so wild and taboo(bigfoot, rape, incest, monsters), that they are much better left in the mind and in the pages of some dark book.

There is a safety in fantasy, a lifeline to normality. Perhaps in the end, some things are better off kept inside the mind…or the pages of a book.

Dany’s Desire Pt. 1: Wet with the Rowing Team

It was them. Eight in all. Half of them were in the water swimming, their wet, short hair matted to their heads and dreamy smiles on them all. Speechless, I gazed up to the rock where the others were, each of them totally nude.
“Are we in heaven?” Lily whispered.
Just then, one of the men on the rock flew through the air yelling, his naked teammates cheering him on. He let go of the rope and went into a backflip, straight down into a perfect dive. His ass faced us on his way down, shaped and hard.
When he came to the surface again his friends high-fived him, grabbing and tossing him around in the water. Soon another splashed down, and then more until all eight of them were in the water together, laughing and pushing each other. Their abs and chests were all lined and wet, their arms molded from unknown miles of rowing.
The three of just stood there stunned and silent, a mere 20 yards from where they swam naked. It was like something I would fantasize about at summer camp when I first discovered boys, and now it was here in the flesh.
So much flesh.

Available in its entirety here:

Dany’s Desire tells the tale of 3 girls on vacation in Maine, and the college rowing team that they encounter; 8 strong, naked men who long to please them. The first of two parts!


My amazon author page is now live and can be found here:

It contains my first two erotica stories, and there are more to come I promise!

Until next time my lovelys,





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