International Beer Drinking Day and The World of Exapatao(Seduction Island Secrets)

It’s International Beer Drinking Day! Grab a cold one and be sure to tip your bartender. I bar-tend, so I can promise you that extending a little gratitude their way will not go unnoticed!

 Moving forth:

I have been getting questions pertaining to the fantasy world that Seduction Island Secrets takes place in. Only one book(The Lust Tribe) in the trilogy has been released so far, but the people who have read it seem to realize there is something bigger at work.

Allow me to explain, a little.
The first book takes place on a fictional island here in our world. Janey and her friends meet the tribe on this island, and things very quickly get out of hand. Pretty soon relationships are ruined, new loves begin to take hold, and the struggle to separate lust from seduction proves a difficult one. I don’t want to spoil anything, but those of you who have read it realize the second book will not be taking place on this island.


This takes us to….

The World of Exapatao

The second book will deal with the journey to and the arrival at a new world. The tribe of super-human sex Gods from the first book, rule this world. Obviously this has large implications as to how massive the story is, and if three novellas just isn’t enough time to cover all that needs to be said.

I will only say this: This trilogy is the tale of a human(Janey) who must come to grips with her desires, and what her heart tells her. It is merely a broad introduction to the world and universe of The Exapatao.

So read on, dears. Read on and see if you can #learnthesecret.

Until next time, which may be sooner than you think…





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