Rowing Team New Short Coming Soon, Reviews Rolling In for Seduction Island Secrets

I overslept this morning and woke with a headache. Apparently there was more tequila in the drinks last night than I gave them credit for. A smoothie and Tylenol knocked the hangover out though, so lets move on.

The finishing touches are being put on a short story I recently completed. It was inspired from a news story I read recently about a calendar shoot for the Warwick Rowing Team; they posed completely nude to raise money for an anti-homophobia charity.

Apparently this stirred up some controversy, not to mention certain ladies'(looking at you) panties. Some of the comments on the facebook article were downright hysterical, causing  me to wonder: How badly do these women actually desire this team of young athletes, and would they go through with it given the chance?


Dany’s Desire Pt. 1: Wet with the Rowing Team is due out some time next week. Look for it!

Upon further investigation I found the female team did likewise, so look for a tale on that subject soon.


Seduction Island Secrets has been doing well in its first week, and first reactions have begun to leak. You can read full reviews by clicking the link:

“I borrowed this book from the Kindle Unlimited program and I had no idea the kind of treat that I was going to be in for.”

“The sex is hot, adventurous and erotic and the tribe is downright captivating; it’s an interesting and vital mix of fantasy, romance and drama”

“Each chapter was told from the point of view of a different character helping the reader to get to know (and care) about why someone was doing what with who…Overall it was a fun read that I would recommend to anyone who likes to read QUALITY erotica.”

But don’t let other people make up your mind for you, yah turkey! Find out for yourself and #learnthesecret today!

More to come, at least we all hope.



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