The Lust Tribe, Writing, and nature of Fantasy

Hello, and welcome.

“Nicholas didn’t stop; he slowed on her clit for a moment so she could catch her breath, and inserted two of his long, thick fingers into her pussy. He slowly started finger fucking her as he licked her. She tried to breathe deeply but couldn’t quite do it, the world around her still dark around the edges from cumming so hard. He moved his tongue and fingers together expertly and still his arm held her strong to the railing.” – Seduction Island Secrets, Book I: The Lust Tribe

Tomorrow my first erotic ebook will be available via Amazon for Kindle and other devices. This isn’t so much an advertisement as it is an FYI. As your friend and co-conspirator, I, Kasper H. Rawlson seek only to aid you in your lusty endeavors. If you enjoy a good romp between you and your kindle about a good romp between the sheets, then this book is for you.

It details the adventures of young Janey as she travels to an exotic island with her socialite boyfriend Frank and two other young couples. Unsatisfied with Frank in the bedroom she starts to fall for Nicholas, the strapping young lad who happens to have a girlfriend. As they all try to sort out their urges and lust, they run into a tribe of natives on the island who happen to possess super-human skills in the art of love making.

It’s messy, it’s dirty, it’s sexy.

I’m dealing with betrayal through sex, voyeurism, group sex, and interracial love among other things.

At the heart of it all is a story about the allure of the unknown, and what happens to those urges we all feel when left unchecked.

Those fantasies, when left unchecked.

Fantasy in nature is something that doesn’t exist in the real world; which is why it is a fantasy. Erotica is an outlet for these ideas and urges, it allows us to attain that unattainable experience. It’s a vicarious thrill that can be acted upon without harm or repercussion. Hence, fantasy.

The Lust Tribe of this book allows you, the reader, the chance to dive into those dark desires and sort them out. Think of it as a way to satiate those lustful urges that creep between your legs.


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