Seduction Island Secrets Book I is live today on Amazon

Today marks the first day of release for the new ‘Seduction Island Secrets’ series.

“Seduction Island Secrets: Book I: The Lust Tribe

On the Island of Exapatao, nothing is as it seems.

Janey and her boyfriend Frank have come to the island with two other couples looking for relaxation and comfort. What they find is betrayal, desire, and passion.

Fed up with Frank, Janey longs for the touch of another; namely Nicholas, the sexy Italian who in addition to being Frank’s good friend, also happens to have his girlfriend with him on the trip. On a hike to the north part of the island the couples run into the native tribe; a group of super-beings driven by sex and pleasure. As if things weren’t already confusing enough for Janey, now she is surrounded by half-naked Gods and Goddesses that want to satisfy her every desire.

Who will she choose? What will she choose?”

You can purchase the novella here:

Free shorts coming soon!



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